Saturday, February 2, 2013

The President Shoots??


I started shooting skeet when I was just a kid. In my late teens (and when my eyes were still good), I shot a number of perfect rounds (25 out 25). Competitive shooters made fun of me because I shot a “side-by-side” double barreled 12 gauge. Any serious skeet shooter uses the more accurate over-and-under shotgun. I blew them away just the same.


Years ago, the rules for skeet were that if one missed a hit at any station, one had the option to take another shot. If there were no misses (or one chose to defer the option) in the regular round, the shooter ended up with one shell left out of the box of 25.

At the 8th, and final position on the skeet field, there is (in theory) a shot where both the high and low house targets cross. To get the shot, you have to be crouched low to the ground, and leaning outside of the box. I used to hold onto my option for the last shot in the hope of the elusive double. It was showboating, but one time I hit it, and it was (almost) better than sex. (I was maybe 19 at the time)




Anyway, I know a thing or two about skeet shooting. In this sport you have beginner shooters who don’t really know what they are doing, you have amateurs that are “regular” shooters who take it seriously, and you have guys and gals that shoot 25 out of 25, again and again.


The following is a picture of a person who has not shot skeet before. This person doesn’t know how to hold the gun properly.  This person is going to get a big recoil in the arm that will hurt. No one has bothered to show this person how to hold a gun. This person has not been taught how to position the body to make a successful shot. This person has no chance of hitting a moving target. This person is not wearing the proper clothing for a skeet range (padded vest that has pockets for 25 shells). This person is pretending to shoot skeet. This is a photo-op:





I don’t mean to make fun of the President’s shooting skills. New shooters are always welcome on skeet ranges. I’m glad to see the Prez give this sport a shot, so to speak.


But the spin from the White House on this story is that Obama is banging away every weekend and he is an avid shooter. The president was quoted:


“I do it all the time”


The picture that the White House has offered up as “proof” that the president is a shooter is “fluff”. This is an effort to spin things so that O looks like he is not an extremist on guns. The fact is, this picture tells us nothing, other than Obama is faking it. The WH picture is not of a guy who shoots skeet, it’s a picture of a guy who likes to spin images.


Skeet shooters who do it “all the time learn how to hold a gun and position their body. This is step number one in this (and most other) sports. These pictures are of people who have been on a range, and know the ABCs of shooting. Notice how they lean into the shot. (Also note that they are all shooting over-and-unders. It’s like long handled putters – cheating, sort of, in my book…)










This is a picture of Kim Kardashian shooting skeet. This photo is also staged. Look how she is positioned and holding the gun. If Kim shoots this gun, she will get knocked on her ass, and she has no chance of hitting a thing. Maybe Kim and O should go shooting together. After all, it’s just for show, right?





Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 7.43.03 PM


  1. If the dude ain’t got a teleprompter, he’s lost

  2. Obama bin Biden says:

    As any good graffiti artist will tell you, there is a correct way to hold the can of spray paint. Depending on the composition of the target surface, you’ll also want to be sure to activate the propellants properly, which requires the precise amount of shaking the can beforehand. Overspray can leave you a mess and ruin the artwork. If you are in a restricted area, possibly getting caught can make the artist’s hand fidgetty and thro him off his game. Correct attire can help, but can also make you easily spotted, as few folks are routinely walking around with 4-5 cans of spray paint.

  3. I am shocked, just shocked, to learn that politicians are all about photo-ops and campaigning.

    Dan Rather told me to think they are leaders, constantly working to find new ways to help the country move forward… Now I find out these assholes are just actors playing the part of leaders, without any substance to their actions? Shocking.

    Next I suppose you are going to tell us that home flippers should take responsibility for their own decision to mortgage $2 million for a 1BR condo on spec?

    And maybe you might tell us not to build a house at sea level and then raise all the sand dunes to improve the view / destroy all natural protection against storms? And people who act this stupid should not get bailouts?

    And bank CEOs should not lever their banks 50-1 and then claim its just a temporary liquidity problem when they go belly up? And they shouldn’t get trillion dollar taxpayer bailouts for the stupidity?

    Obama is the President of the United States of MORONS. of course he is full of shit. He is all too representative of the population that elected him

  4. Hah! Way to out ‘em, Bruce. Not surprising, of course. Just par for the course. Lying weasels, is what they are.

    You’d think though, that these people who are paid to manipulate the electorate, and the press, would have the brains to consult an expert in the field in which they’re staging their B.S. I’m sure it’s their arrogance that prevents that.

    I’d love to see this go viral and give them a big face full of egg.

  5. Nice article Bruce. When I first saw that picture of the president, I thought it looked fake as hell too.

    25 out of 25 on skeet is pretty cool, and your trick shot is really awesome. Highest I ever got in a trap league a couple years ago was 18 out of 25 (I think).

  6. “If Kim shoots this gun, she will get knocked on her ass”

    Good think her ass has a lot of built-in cushioning

  7. As usual, you are misquoting the president; he said “we do it all the time”, not “I do it all the time”. There is a big difference in the two. For instance, the fans of whichever team wins the superbowl will say “we won the superbowl” not “I won the superbowl”. BTW, here is the full quote…you know, the one that you paraphrased for him and put into quotes:

    “Yes, in fact, up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time,” Obama said. “Not the girls, but oftentimes guests of mine go up there. And I have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that trace back in this country for generations. And I think those who dismiss that out of hand make a big mistake.”

    • “we do it all the time”.
      Which was meant to imply that him, otherwise he would have said “they.”
      It was done intentionally as an out if he got caught, while the intention was to fool. Looks to me like he got caught. What an con-artist AH this guy is.

    • @bradley: he said “we do it all the time”, not “I do it all the time”.

      Who is this “we” you (or Obama) speaks of? Does Obama invite Rush Limbau and Karl Rove up to shoot skeet? Come on asshole (I am referring to Bradley). This isn’t a courtroom and we are not going to debate what the meaning of “is” is.

      “we” refers to a group including the speaker — or don’t they teach common sense in law school?


  8. Obama bin Biden says:

    Just pleae tell me he’s not planning on a hunting trip with Cheney.

  9. These people are masters of propaganda.They new pic would be outed by the people that do not matter to them.The people that do just lap it up with no question hoping for subsidized bullets.

  10. Gubbmint cheese says:

    ‘That dog don’t hunt…’ Lol

  11. Bruce, someone with your shooting skill ought to be able to pick off a couple buzzards with ease.

  12. I, for one, would like to know what the jet of smoke coming form the top of the barrel is. I must admit, I’ve shot only a few rounds of skeet and trap, all with a pump. But I never saw an over and under spout gasses from the middle of the barrel. Am I just stupid, has nobody else questioned that?