Sunday, December 30, 2012




  1. I am a pedestrian psisang by to salute to the brave lady who dares to expose herself as one of the singers in the Fokguy series.Some day, if you could sing this in a concert together with the other contributers, I will believe that there is hope to the poor citizens.生果金 becomes one of significant social welfare marks the degeneration of the society. 生果金 should be a respect but not charity from the society to the olds. Receiving this respect or not should be a personal decision of your grand, which, should also be respected but not be discrimated.

  2. This is just the perfect answer for all of us

  3. Good to see a talent at work. I can’t match that.

  4. If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kowabunga, dude!”

  5. Thanks for spending time on the computer (writing) so others don’t have to.

  6. Hot damn, looking pretty useful buddy.

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