Friday, September 6, 2013

No Correlation At All??


Tom Perez got the job as Secretary of Labor just two days ago. All smiles with the Veep for the affair:




After the payroll numbers this morning Perez goes on CNBC and talks about how great things are, and what a good job Obama is doing. But 6:15 into the clip the point is made that last month the average work week fell to the lowest level in six months. Perez is asked if Obamacare is forcing companies to cut worker’s hours to 29/week. Perez fired back with an unequivocal, pre-planned response:


There is no correlation at all




The response by Perez runs counter to what I have read; it also runs counter to my own inquires. In my small town there is a decent sized regional grocer. I’ve made a point of asking the ladies who ring things up how many hours they work. The answer is that in this store the policy is that all ‘front end’ personnel are restricted to 29 hours (the food preparers are not subject these rules).  One person told me, “they said it was because of the government insurance”.


My anecdotal information does not stand up against Mr. Perez’s  claim of no correlation. However, the following articles/clips do stand up. The NBC bit is pretty much a slap in the face for Mr. Perez and his boasts. Either all of these news outlets are making stuff up, or Perez is blowing smoke.


NBC – Obamacare Causing Workers Hours to be Cut to 29 Hours All Across the Country

CNBC – Businesses claim Obamacare has forced them to cut employee hours

WSJ – ObamaCare’s Definition of a Full-Time Job Needs Revising

NY Daily News -Companies cut part-time worker hours to avoid Obamacare requirement


Obamacare is a huge deal. It will have significant consequences on the economy. It’s very important that those consequences are understood, and, if necessary, changes have to be made to minimize the negative consequences. I understand that Perez has to walk and talk the party line as payoff for the new corner office. That’s just the way of things in D.C. But Perez crossed the credibility line on his second day at the job.






  1. Bruce, I bet that not one person in 100 knows who Thomas Perez is. But I do, and you are probably correct. -K

  2. Looks like a fucking commie. Anyone seen his birth certificate?

  3. 3 KIDS IN 20S,all hard workers ie me,oldest girl BA in BIOLOGY ,no real jobs,answered one and was told HAD? to advertise opening but company promoting internal,in NC where we are.Obama and his ilk are true socialists.Jamestown colony 500years ago proved some people will live off others and abandoned forced sharing.There is ZERO trust in federal govt which is why in serious matters ie. SYRIA most people want to help but,do not believe a word the federal govt says.To many soldiers mained already.

  4. Perez is just the latest incompetant appointed by the racist Obama administration. This is the guy responsible for the concept of “disparate impact” which is right up there with “separate but equal” in the Pantheon of bad law.

    Clearly, the Republicans suck just as bad as the dems for allowing another piece if shit to get a cabinet appointment (see Kerry, Hegel et al).

    Might as well face it: the country is finished.

  5. He’s just another member of the ID-ten-T Club that runs this county!

  6. Obama bin Biden says:

    Doesn’t the Labor Dept have a convenient catchphrase to use when put on the spot?

    For example, at the State Dept, it’s : “What difference does it make?”

  7. I thought Thomas Perez was a gossip columnist. Oh, wait that’s Perez Hilton. http://perezhilton.com/

  8. Sadly,its nice to see that other people realize how RACEIST this current federal administration is.Sure there are always people that feel that way but,our country USA,by far is not racist.If i discriminate between one who works hard and one who doesnt,it does not make one a racist.DO NOT think im anti-Obama.The entire federal govt. IMO can not be trusted,republican or demacrate,especially with our military.I was drafted in 1967 by a corrupt federal govt. and do not want any ones children to suffer same.

  9. Bruce, Bruce, Bruce. You still don’t understand. 2+2=5. Putin is our friend. Gun control is the answer, and rich people are bad. Did you not learn anything when you covered our beloved social security system and got a few of your teeth knocked out?



  10. I just came across this old post of yours: http://brucekrasting.com/the-fed-mfg-and-reg-t/

    I am here to collect on your bet with James Bullard. … lol

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  12. You don’t have a link to the Times saying Obamacare is causing the hours worked. So it can’t be true.